Despite pandemic, Exacalibur is amog farmers

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Despite pandemic, Exacalibur is amog farmers

On September 10, 2020, despite the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, a meeting co-organized by the publisher of the technical magazine “WiOM” and the company Hodowla Roślin Kalinowa sp. z o.o. was held in Kalinowa, a town located in west-central Poland (Greater Poland Voivodeship), to discuss about different methods of soil and crop management with farmers and advisors working on that district. At the meeting, Dr. Małgorzata Tartanus gave a lecture on the use of bio-fertilizers, in which the benefits of microbial-based or plant-derived fertilizers on plant nutrition and soil fertility were presented along with the assumptions of the Excalibur project. The topic fuelled a lively discussion with the audience, especially concerning the most effective and efficient application method of biofertilizers and the relationships between microorganisms and plants.

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