Extension for the reception of manuscripts

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Extension for the reception of manuscripts

Some members of the EXCALIBUR team are participating as topic editors in the prestigious journal Frontiers in Microbiology.

The issue has as its theme “The impact of environmentally friendly agricultural practices on the soil microbiome”, and will include research articles that provide answers to the following challenges:

  • Can we develop better methodological approaches to assess the impact of environmentally friendly practices (crop rotation, application of biofertilisers, biostimulants, microbial consortia…) on beneficial soil microorganisms and soil health?
  • Can we develop better methodological approaches to validate and guide the use of bioinoculants, biofertilisers or biostimulants to improve soil health?
  • To what extent do the observed changes affect soil ecosystem functioning?
  • The effects of unconventional agricultural practices may change over time: to what extent should we assess the impact?
  • What are the intended and unintended effects on crop health and soil quality?

The call for original manuscripts has been extended until 4 September this year. If you have research in progress in this field, do not hesitate to send it via the following link: https://www.frontiersin.org/research-topics/51311/the-impact-of-environmentally-friendly-agricultural-practices-on-soil-microbiome

Your contributions will be of great value to the scientific community.

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