Excalibur presented at the European Researchers’ Night

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Excalibur presented at the European Researchers’ Night

Dr Anne D. Jungblut showcased microbiome research and the importance of underground biodiversity for food security as part of the European Researchers’ Night at the Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom on the 27 September 2019.

The Natural History Museum was part of the European Researchers’ Night. The theme of the night was “World Wild Webs: Our interconnected planet”, where 150 scientists shared and discussed with the public topics ranging from networks in nature, sustainable solutions to today’s environmental issues, how digital technologies give us access to the latest research and how delving into the past is key to protecting the future of our planet.

Dr Anne D. Jungblut was part of a group of scientists who had pop-up science stations with stunning specimens, displays and opportunities for the public to see microbial biodiversity under the microscope to get a glimpse of the fascinating morphological and functional diversity of microscopic life.

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