Excalibur project in support of EU Coronavirus Global Response

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Excalibur project in support of EU Coronavirus Global Response

The world has united against the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic situation with a massive global campaign. At the G20 summit on 26 March leaders called for a united, transparent and science-based response to the pandemic. Subsequently the World Health Organization (WHO) and partner organisations launched a cooperation framework for vaccines development – the Access to Covid-19 (ACT) Accelerator along with a a joint call to action. On 4 May the EU responded to this call by partnering up with Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom, and launched a pledging marathon – the Coronavirus Global Response.

The Coronavirus Global Response committed to two main goals – to attract funding for diagnostics, treatments and vaccines, and to ensure access to therapeutics and vaccines for everyone.

World-leading scientists and health experts determined that €7.5 billion ($8 billion) will cover the immediate needs for developing solutions to test, treat and protect people, and to prevent further spread of the disease.

So far, €9.8 billion have been registered in pledges. The European Commission has made a significant contribution with €1 billion mobilised by Horizon 2020. The pledging marathon will culminate in an online Global Pledging Summit on 27 June.

One of the key messages the campaign is trying to convey is “Together, we are stronger” and the only way to overcome the crisis is through cooperation.

Excalibur project fully supports the Coronavirus Global Response promoted by the EU and will be posting regular updates on the initiative. Look for #ExcaliburAgainstCovid19 on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

More information on the Coronavirus Global Response can be found here.

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