Young researchers

Young researchers

Expedito Olimi


Hello, my name is Expedito Olimi, and I come from Uganda. I am passionate about tiny worms (Nematodes) and understanding the soil and plant microbiome. Holistic understanding of the microbiome helps to untangle the mystery of life around us, also facilitates the comprehension of the anthropogenic influence towards their existence, including the prediction of potential feedback effect (negative/positive) to our lives. In 2019, after completing a master in Nematology at Ghent University (Belgium), I joined the EXCALIBUR team at Graz University of Technology (Austria).

I am a team player working effectively in a multicultural and dynamic research group at Graz. In this project, I am tasked with field sampling, soil biota extraction, DNA extraction, library preparation, data analysis, and scientific writing and communication (publication).

Owing to the resources devoted by EXCALIBUR project, my team and I managed to publish three peers reviewed articles on the core objectives of the EXCALIBUR project (https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2549-0301).

Not only have I helped implement project’s activities, but also pursued a PhD working on understanding the effects of volatiles on the plant and soil microbiome. Currently, I am writing the PhD thesis as well as implement the remaining project activities. On a side note, I am an entrepreneur who helped cofounded a travel company in Uganda (www.panobooking.com).

So, you are invited to check travels offers in the event anyone is interested in exploring some parts of Africa as Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania. I am super appreciative to the EXCALIBUR project for being a family where science integrates with humour to help save and exploit global soil biodiversity.